Our housing and property portfolio


Our housing portfolio

The Director of Meridian Water will lead and deliver a new neighbourhood for London, where the Council has taken a master developer role, investing over £400m of council money and securing £170m of government grant to shape the new neighbourhood and ensure that local people are the principal beneficiaries of the 10,000 new homes and 6,000 jobs that will be created. You will hold key relationships with both private sector partners and with local communities and relevant council services, while building significant infrastructure and bringing forward development sites to realise the project goals – park life on your doorstep, your place to make and create, and mixing uses and animating streets.

Meridian Water

Meridian Water is Enfield Council’s lead regeneration project creating 10,000 Homes and 6,000 Jobs. Located next door to the Lee Valley Regional Park, Meridian Water brings nature onto your doorstep.

The Meridian Water project will aim to provide:





  • Enfield Council owns approximately 5,800 acres of land, which equals about 30% of the borough by geographical area
  • There are approximately 1,200 individual property assets on council land (excluding housing properties)
  • Around 40% of the borough is designated as green belt land, and there are over one hundred parks and open spaces for residents to enjoy

The role of our strategic property services team is to manage the council’s property estate and make sure it is optimised to support the delivery of council services and corporate objectives. We don’t manage or operate the council’s housing stock.

How we manage our properties

Strategic property services looks after both operational and commercial investment properties. We collect, manage and analyse information about the specification, occupation, cost, and condition of property. With this information, we can then make informed decisions about properties which can either support service delivery or optimise investment returns.

The way strategic property services works is defined in the council’s Strategic Asset Management Plan for 2020-23, which sets out how the council is to manage its land and buildings.

Strategic property services is made up of four specialist teams:

Property information

Property information is the foundation for all property related functions. The Property Information team is responsible for recording property related data, ensuring it is live, accurate, comprehensive and accessible.

Operational property

The Operational Property team is responsible for delivering the corporate landlord operating model set out in the SAMP. Its function relates to properties the council occupies itself for its own operational purposes. The team ensures the council’s compliance with health and safety laws relevant to its properties. It also makes sure properties are used efficiently, are fit for purpose, receive appropriate investment, and opportunities for income are pursued.

Asset management (commercial investment)

The Asset Management team manages and maintains the council’s commercial investment portfolio that it leases to tenants. This creates a valuable income stream to help pay for wider council services.

Development, acquisitions and disposals

The Development, Acquisitions and Disposals team is responsible for reviewing and developing council assets. It also supports the council’s corporate objectives to deliver significant regeneration benefits, new homes, new jobs and modern fit-for-purpose business space. The team are also responsible for disposing and replacing underperforming or surplus buildings and land.