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About Enfield

We are a large, diverse outer London borough with inner London challenges, and big ambitions. Our overarching vision is to create a lifetime of opportunities for everyone. We want to support residents to live happy, healthy and safe lives; have enough income to support themselves and their families; and live in a good quality home they can afford in a carbon neutral borough. We want children and young people to do well at all levels of learning and for residents to age well.

Enfield is increasingly one of the most diverse parts of London, with all the benefits this brings us across our communities, culture, heritage and local economy. We also have incredibly diverse landscapes – from the urban centres of Edmonton, Southgate, Palmers Green and Enfield Town to our rural areas and farmland in the north of the borough.

Our history of industry, invention, innovation and growth makes us the borough we are today. We are becoming a destination for today’s makers and creators and have a growing national reputation as a destination for creative industries. We have significant industrial land, which is strategically important to our region’s economy and we have a huge part to play in London’s inclusive growth.

But, despite this, too many people in Enfield do not have fair and equal opportunities. More than 30% of children live in poverty and residents living in our most deprived wards are likely to live seven years fewer than their wealthier neighbours; and over 15 years fewer in good health. We have an acute shortage of social and affordable homes, with over 6,000 households on the Housing Register and over 3,000 households living in temporary accommodation. Air pollution from road traffic poses a serious risk to the health of our residents, particularly more vulnerable groups such as children, older people and those with heart and respiratory conditions.

About the Council

Our mission is to create a “lifetime of opportunity for our residents’. With a staff of c.4,000 we serve a population of over 340,000 people and we are committed to creating a lifetime of opportunities for all residents, ensuring more quality homes in well-connected neighbourhoods, to investing in safe, healthy and confident communities, and to creating an economy that works for everyone in Enfield.  Our Council plan outlines how we will deliver this vision.

In the Housing Regeneration and Development Department

You are joining a department comprised of diverse, professional services that collectively lead and have responsibility for transformational change and investment across eh borough It includes all aspects of housing management and development for over 16,000 tenants and leaseholders; our housing advisory service; planning and regulatory services bringing forward a new Local Plan; cycling and quieter neighbourhood investment, skills and economic development; operational property; and managing a commercial and rural property portfolio with a number of development projects.

The Directors and Heads of Service work collaboratively and support each other – we recognise that cities are complex and there are interactions between all our responsibilities. When we work together in a coordinated, place-based approach which values professional expertise to deliver better outcomes for residents.

Every Council service and employee has a part to play realising in our vision and this is reflected in our organisational behaviours:

  • Take Responsibility
  • Be Open, Honest and Respectful
  • Listen and Learn
  • Work together to find solutions

Equality and inclusion must be at the heart of everything we do as we embark on ambitious regeneration projects, grow our business sector and attract new industries.

Staff Benefits

At Enfield we offer our people a very competitive pay and benefits package.


Our benefits
  • Employee Assistant Programme
  • Development & Learning Experiences
  • Flexibility
  • Health and Leisure
  • Long Service
  • Excellent Pension Scheme
  • Tax free bikes

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